Thai Paper Manufacturer is a professional manufacturer wholesaler, distributor, supplier and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of of all kinds of office papers such as copy paper, copier paper, stationery paper, photocopy paper, copier paper, laser printing paper, inkjet printer papers including all types of office multipurpose paper brands such as Double A4 Copier paper, PaperOne copy paper, Laser Copier Paper, Xerox multipurpose paper, Mondi Rotatrim Copier Paper, Typek Bond Paper, IK PLUS Multipurpose Paper, Paperline Copier Paper, Copimax office Paper, Chamex Multi/Office Paper. Our office paper product quality is renown for its excellent performance and environmental friendly attributes which is suitable for photocopy machines, printing with inkjet and laser printers, computer printing papers and offset preprints.

We have built an excellent manufacturing and supply network in Thailand by investing in several large and small office copy paper-making factories and paper mills. We do not only provide these factories with raw materials such as pulp and chemicals but we also stuff our factories with modern sophisticated paper machines that will provide the best products and services. We export these papers and paper products at competitive prices and offer sole distribution of our products to customers with high purchase capacity. We welcome good paper buyers, retailers, distributors and local markets suppliers to contact us and we shall be pleased to cooperate with them.

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